Wednesday November 14 2018


Rubix / Combinatorial Puzzles:

I have been playing with these things for a few years now.  There are plenty solutions on the net, and I doubt my solutions are any better (especially because I made many of them myself, there’s no way I’d beat a computer). Collection Current State: Here are two pics (front/back) of my current collection of puzzles:


Click for High Resolution

Collection Front


Click for High Resolution

Collection Back


Solution postings to come (once I find the time for such).  But if you need help with a specific puzzle, just email me and I can help you. Once you solve enough of these things, you just ‘get it’.  Similar to how those math guys just ‘see’ the answer.  All the algorithms fall into roughly two categories: Permutations and Orientations.

Contact Juggling:

I have been doing this for a few years now, soon I will post videos with me using my various objects of manipulation: Ball, Staff, POI, RopeDart, Meteor, and some of my own inventions. My favourite site for Contact Juggling etc, is here Example Videos (from other ppl, for now, I’ll get mine up sometime):





Contact-Ball merged with POI (I laugh every time I think of how much he must have smacked himself in the face during practice):